Automatic fish feeder for aquarium fish: the best on vacation!

Automatic fish feeder

Every person who has an aquarium at home suffers when he thinks of leaving a few days at home (Holidays, weekends, for work, etc.) and will leave his aquarium alone. For many, the main problem is “Who is going to feed the fish?”. And the answer that is given to these people is several: “Do not worry,” “Use holiday or weekend pills,” “that someone goes to throw them” or “Use an automatic fish feeder for aquarium fish.” Of those three possible answers we, depending on the time, recommend the first one: “do not worry”, and the last one: “Use a feeder or automatic feeder for fish”.

The content of the summery:

  • How long will the aquarium be without feeding it?
  • An automatic fish feeder is the best solution.
  • How to use the automatic feeder, dispenser or feeder for fish
  • Other alternatives to the automatic feeder for aquarium fish.

How long will the aquarium be without feeding it?

If you are going out for a weekend, do not worry. Check them before you leave and when you return with the normal amounts. You can leave every weekend of the year without the slightest problem with feeding. That is, during the week make sure you feed them well.

Automatic fish feeder

If you go 3-5 days on an occasional basis, still do not worry, unless you have delicate fish (like discs) or fingerlings. But for most fish, the same as if you go for 2 days, do not worry. Well-fed fish will pull reserves and have no problem.

If you go 4-5 days as usual, for example from Monday to Thursday every week, in that case, and if you have to do something. Think that before we said that the fish will have reserves to leave occasionally, but if you go every week, your fish cannot fill their reserves. The solution: Automatic fish feeder for your aquarium fish, as we will see below.

If you go a week or more if you will need to take action and resort to the automatic fish feeder for aquarium fish. And you also give your aquarium fishes the right pet feed.

An automatic fish feeder is the best solution

Well, what is said, if you are going to be away from home for many days, the best solution is the automatic feeders for the aquarium. As you will see below, they are not very expensive: there are automatic fish feeders for “white label” fish for just over $ 10 and a good brand for almost $ 50. Of course, in many physical stores, these products also tend to exist.

By the way, if you are a clueless person you can also have this device running continuously.

How to use the automatic feeder, dispenser or feeder for fish

Automatic fish feeder

They can be used with granulated food or with flakes. My advice is that you try it several times before, to make sure it works correctly, as well as that the type of food you have put it falls well.

Other alternatives to the automatic feeder for aquarium fish

The alternatives to the automatic fish feeder are 3.

  1. The fast We have already said that it is a very good alternative in some cases (weekends or some other days occasionally).
  2. The use of pills for holidays or Never use this option and even less if it is not a good brand. These pills can be a lottery. The pill disappears in 2 days, the water remains full of food remains. Also, the rest of the days you will not have to eat. Anyway, if you want to try them, here is a link to several of these products.
  3. Let someone feed If you are at home and you know the quantities, perfect. If not, it is not a good solution, however much you recommend that you read our post about when to throw the fish. Since if you go to an aquarium that is not going to have adequate cleaning maintenance, you spend with the food, the problem can be enormous. As in the previous point, I promise to write something about this soon.

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Have a nice vacation !!


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