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With an experience of over 15 years in dubai pet food and pet care, we are a family run business that started with an aim to create a widespread and fun-filled shopping place for all pet parents. Installing a fish aquarium, choosing and purchasing different lights, decorative items, colorful fishes with active moves and playful nature to fill your aquarium is exciting. But, if your aquarium has more breeds of fishes in a single tank, it is always recommended to have those that need the same dietary requirements. Different fishes in the aquarium must be with the same level of aggressiveness so that they do not kill each other. However, the process of choosing the right fishes in your tank and giving then the right the right pet food is necessary. This is because selecting a wrong procedure can lead to a big trouble. Fishes are of three types that are Herbivorous, Omnivorous and Carnivorous.

  • Herbivorous species like plecos and silver dollars feed on Flake foods and nibble algae waters. you can supplement like pieces of spinach, lettuce and green peas into small crumbs
  • Omnivorous fish breeds like Goldfish, mollies and catfish feed on both meet as well as plant food. Breeds like Goldfish need special pet food formulated for them.
  • Carnivorous species of fish Dempsey cichlids, brine shrimps and Beatles mostly feed on meat and enjoying feeding on other fishes.

It is recommended to take the guidance from pet shop owners in selecting the right pet food for your aquarium fishes. check out these following tips that could be helpful for you in deciding the right pet feed.

Talk to your local pet fish supplier or pet shop owner

the pet shop owner of a supplier is a perfect person to answer all your queries regarding the right pet food like frozen dried flakes etc. They will have good knowledge and idea about pets they are selling in the market and the best place to buy the pet food for aquarium fishes. Not just that they will have details on how to take proper care of the fishes you are purchasing and the best pet food dealers information.

Check the Internet sources

Apart from the pet stores, there are many genuine websites on the Internet that have immense information right from the ideal aquarium models for your fishes to best aquarium fishes to right pet food for your wishes in the aquarium.

Feeding requirements

Feeding is very important requirements for different breeds of fishes in the aquarium. Fishes are generally being fed on the top surface (surface dwellers) on the other hand other fishes are bottom (bottom dwellers). Bottom feeders love to feed on the drop to the bottom and or float in the water. The pet food supplier in Dubai will have these in the refrigerator there. They come in a reddish messy ball of tiny string worms. They smell horrible but the fish love this.

Make sure that your fishes do not eat the other small fishes in the aquarium due to their cannibalism tendency. You need to preserve their precious life and take care of your investment. So, choose your aquarium fishes carefully to avoid having fish wars inside your aquarium.


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