6 facts why your aquarium fish does not eat-You know that?

You know that why your aquarium fish does not eat?

Do you have aquarium fish as pets? If you have an aquarium at home, but you do not know much about them, we recommend you keep reading. Fish are animals with special needs and if you do not have much knowledge about the care they need, you may find yourself in more of a hurry. If you have seen that your fish have started to stop eating, you must find out the reason. Once you know what happens to them, you can get down to work to find a solution.


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6 facts why your aquarium fish does not eat-You know that?

Many times when we have just bought some aquarium fish, we may find that they do not want to eat the first time they come home. This situation is very normal since, after a transfer, the fish are stressed. The changes are very hard to the animals, and especially for the aquatic ones. You should not forget that these beings are totally out of their natural habitat and any alteration in their environment can be dramatic. The usual is that after a few hours acclimate to their new surroundings and begin to feel like eating.

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If after a few hours in your new home, you still do not want to try a snack, it may have to do with the aquarium. It is possible that something happens that makes it difficult to adapt. You should ask yourself some questions about it. Have you seen if the water is very cold? If your aquarium fish is tropical, the ideal temperature should be less than 25 degrees. You should also keep in mind especially that in winter if the fish get cold, they may enter a period of lethargy. To make sure they have the right atmosphere, you can buy a thermostat and also put the aquarium in the warmest part of the house.

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6 facts why your aquarium fish does not eat-You know that?

Another of the most important issues for your aquarium fish to be at ease is light. Have you noticed if you get enough light? Fish eat by day and with the good lighting, they will be more active and with more appetite. So make sure your pet has the necessary light to have a full and complete life. Put your aquarium near some source of natural light or you can even install some light inside your cockpit.

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6 facts why your aquarium fish does not eat-You know that?

Have you noticed if you always eat the same? The best thing is that your aquarium fish have a balanced and varied diet. Not only for them to receive the nutrients necessary for their well-being and health, but also so that they do not get tired of eating the same. It’s basic, would you like to eat the same thing every day? Well, your fish, either. If you can not buy live food, you can choose to buy some brand of frozen or freeze-dried food. Thus, you will be giving new stimuli to enjoy your food. If you try to make fish food in the home, here the link make food.

Facts Number-5

6 facts why your aquarium fish does not eat-You know that?

It is also possible that your aquarium fish does not eat through aquarium water. Have you made all the necessary changes? Change a small percentage of new water. There are certain species of fish like Siamese fighting or discus that require more, but this will depend on the types you have. You should be clear about this, because it will be basic to your acclimatization, and it is one of the causes that will affect your appetite.

To ensure the welfare of your aquarium fish, in the following article we show you how much to change the water of the aquarium.

Facts Number-6

It is also possible that your aquarium fish does not want to eat because it is sick. Look at your body, do you have something strange? If you perceive lumps, white dots, some textured cotton … these are just some of the symptoms that indicate that your fish has a health problem. You will have to find out what disease you have to put you on treatment.


6 facts why your aquarium fish does not eat-You know that?

The truth is that when a aquarium fish stops eating is usually the first symptom of disease. Then, I may experience more symptoms as the health problem progresses. It is essential to detect it in time to remedy immediately.

This article is purely informative, in one we do not have the power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case you present any type of condition or discomfort.


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