How to Plant Pothos in Aquarium

How to Plant Pothos

Aquariums serve as serene ecosystems, not only for aquatic life but also for terrestrial plants. Among the various plants suitable for aquariums, pothos stands out as a resilient and visually appealing option. In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps involved in planting pothos in an aquarium, ensuring a thriving underwater environment for your aquatic companions.

How to plant Pothos in your Planted Tank

Brief Overview of Pothos Plant

Pothos, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, is a popular houseplant cherished for its lush foliage and air-purifying qualities. Its hardy nature makes it an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned plant enthusiasts alike.

Why Plant Pothos in an Aquarium?

Placing pothos in an aquarium offers numerous benefits, including enhanced aesthetics, natural filtration, and improved water quality. Additionally, it serves as a refuge and food source for certain aquatic organisms.

Selecting the Right Aquarium Setup

Selecting the Right Aquarium Setup to Plant Pothos

Choosing the Appropriate Aquarium Size

Before diving into planting, ensure your aquarium is spacious enough to accommodate both aquatic life and terrestrial plants. Opt for a sizeable tank to provide ample room for growth and movement.

Selecting the Right Substrate

Select a substrate suitable for both aquatic plants and pothos. A nutrient-rich substrate promotes healthy root development and sustains plant growth.

Adding Necessary Decorations

Incorporate rocks, driftwood, or ledges to create elevated planting areas for pothos. These decorations also offer hiding spots for fish and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the aquarium.

Preparing the Pothos Plant

Obtaining a Healthy Pothos Plant

Choose a vibrant and pest-free pothos plant from a reputable nursery or garden center. Inspect the leaves and roots for any signs of damage or disease before purchase.

Trimming the Roots and Leaves

Trim any damaged or excessively long roots to encourage healthy growth. Similarly, prune the leaves to remove any yellowing or browning foliage, promoting vigorous new growth.

Planting Pothos in the Aquarium

Creating a Suitable Planting Space

Identify suitable locations within the aquarium to plant pothos. Opt for areas with adequate lighting and easy accessibility for maintenance.

Planting Techniques for Pothos

Gently insert the pothos stems into the substrate, ensuring the roots are securely buried. Avoid burying the entire stem to prevent rotting. Alternatively, use suction cups or aquarium-safe clips to attach pothos stems to tank walls or decorations.

Maintenance and Care

Lighting Requirements

Provide adequate lighting for pothos growth, mimicking its natural habitat. LED lights with adjustable intensity and spectrum are ideal for promoting healthy photosynthesis.

Water Parameters and Temperature

Water Parameters and Temperature

Maintain stable water parameters, including temperature, pH, and hardness, within the optimal range for both aquatic life and pothos. Regular water changes and monitoring are essential to prevent fluctuations.

Fertilization and Trimming

Supplement with liquid fertilizers or root tabs to provide essential nutrients for pothos growth. Additionally, trim overgrown or yellowing leaves regularly to maintain the plant’s aesthetic appeal and vitality.

Benefits of Having Pothos in Aquariums

Oxygenation and Water Purification

Pothos actively absorbs nitrates and other toxins from the water, effectively purifying it and creating a healthier environment for aquatic inhabitants. Furthermore, it releases oxygen during photosynthesis, improving water oxygenation.

Aesthetic Appeal

The vibrant green foliage of pothos adds a touch of natural beauty to aquariums, enhancing their visual appeal and creating a lush underwater landscape.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Algae Growth

Monitor and control excessive algae growth by maintaining proper lighting duration and intensity. Additionally, consider introducing algae-eating fish or invertebrates to help keep algae in check.

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Yellowing leaves may indicate nutrient deficiencies, inadequate lighting, or overwatering. Adjust fertilization, lighting, and watering practices accordingly to restore the plant’s health.

Types of pothos plants for aquarium

Types of pothos plants for aquarium

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a popular choice for aquariums as it can help absorb excess nutrients and improve water quality. Several varieties of pothos can be used in aquariums, including:

Golden Pothos: This variety has bright green leaves with yellow or golden variegation. It’s one of the most common choices for aquariums due to its attractive appearance.

Marble Queen Pothos: With its white and green variegated leaves, Marble Queen Pothos adds a touch of elegance to aquarium setups.

Neon Pothos: This variety has vibrant neon green leaves that can add a pop of color to your aquarium.

Jade Pothos: Jade Pothos has solid green leaves and is known for its hardiness and easy care, making it a great option for beginner aquarium enthusiasts.

Manjula Pothos: With its creamy white and green variegated leaves, Manjula Pothos brings a unique look to aquariums.

When using pothos in your aquarium, it’s essential to ensure that only the roots are submerged in water while keeping the leaves above the water surface to prevent rotting. Regular pruning may also be necessary to control growth and maintain a healthy plant.


Planting pothos in an aquarium offers numerous benefits, ranging from improved water quality to enhanced aesthetics. By following the steps outlined in this guide and providing proper care, you can create a thriving underwater ecosystem enriched with lush greenery and vibrant aquatic life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can pothos survive fully submerged in water?

Pothos can survive when their roots are submerged in water, but they typically thrive when their roots are partially submerged, allowing access to both air and water.

How often should I trim my pothos plant in the aquarium?

Trim your pothos plant as needed to remove any yellowing or overgrown leaves. Regular pruning promotes healthy growth and maintains the plant’s appearance.

What fish are compatible with pothos in an aquarium?

Many freshwater fish species are compatible with pothos, including guppies, tetras, and bettas. Avoid stocking aggressive or herbivorous species that may damage the plant.

Do I need to fertilize pothos planted in an aquarium?

Yes, supplementing with liquid fertilizers or root tabs ensures pothos receive essential nutrients for optimal growth and development.

Can I plant pothos with other aquatic plants in the same aquarium?

Yes, pothos can coexist with other aquatic plants, provided they have similar care requirements and do not outcompete each other for resources.

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