Archer Fish Care-How to care for an Archer Fish Properly?

How to Care for an Archer  Fish?

Interestingly, the archer fish care can be a challenge for you , especially if you want to reproduce, as it costs a lot to get it. It is a fish especially for ponds but can be had without any problem in an aquarium.

We will talk about how to care for an archer fish and what are the fish that you can have in the aquarium as your companions.

How to for an Archer Fish Care Properly

Archer Fish Care-How to care for an Archer Fish Properly?

Feed it properly:

These species prefer food that is alive and that is on the surface of the water, especially mosquitoes. But they can also be given dead worms to feed. It is best to put flies, grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches …

Have more than one:

When acquiring these fish it is best to have more than one so that they do not feel alone.

Purchase a large aquarium:

Archer Fish Care-How to care for an Archer Fish Properly?

For the correct care of this species, the aquarium must have a large size. If it acquires 4, the capacity of the aquarium must be for minimum 300 liters.

Stimulate your natural habitat:

To do this you must place mangroves, good hiding places with branches and shoots and plenty of vegetation. You can place Java fern or Japanese fern, as well as elodea and any plant of the genus Valisserina. All this mixed will help to feel comfortable to your fish. Of course, the density of the plants should not be too thick, to allow the fish to camp-wide.

Adjust the temperature:

These fish must live in water that has a temperature between 24 and 28 degrees, so you will have to install a heater and a thermometer to have it controlled at all times.

Buy an oxygenate:

The pH of the water should be between 7 and 8.5, so you will need an oxygenate to regulate the oxygen in the water and this way the fish will feel comfortable.

Watch out for peers:

Archer Fish Care-How to care for an Archer Fish Properly?

This fish is fairly quiet, but if they get between two fish having more than one fish, they can be very problematic. So if you decide to have an aquarium with more than one fish then you should have a single fisherman in the aquarium.

Change the water often:

Simply change the aquarium water between 20-30% of the amount once a week to replace it with fresh water. Although it will not be bad for the aquarium to clean it thoroughly once a month, emptying it, with the fish leaving it in a bowl with water from the old aquarium, to remove debris.

Species compatible with the archer fish

Archer Fish Care-How to care for an Archer Fish Properly?

Now, what fish can be good to accompany an archer fish?

Tang fish

Blow fish

Wasp fish

Crystal Fish



Archer Fish


Archer Fish Care-How to care for an Archer Fish Properly?

Follow these tips to archer fish care, if have in your aquarium, but do not try their breeding, as it is something very complicated that even the professionals have trouble achieving.


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