Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?

How to start a Planted Nano Tank? Planted nano tank are small tank (usually less than 5 gallons) that are relatively easy to start up. These tanks are perfect for someone who is starting with fish tanks, or for someone who does not have a lot of space, time or money to maintain a larger tank. Planted nano tank can range in size from 12 oz. (Beta bowls) all the way up to 5 gallons.

"Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?"

Freshwater Live Aquarium Plants Care Guide

How to care freshwater live aquarium plants? Freshwater live aquarium plants are very beautiful and give some mystery and depth to the aquarium itself, and the interior of the apartment. But they also support the ecological system of the aquarium. Of course, care is needed for live freshwater aquatic plants, for healthy growth. This is a set of measures aimed at the health of the flora and its growth. This is the temperature of the…

"Freshwater Live Aquarium Plants Care Guide"

6 Best Freshwater Aquatic Plants for Freshwater Aquarium

6  Best freshwater aquatic plants care Elodea Canadian Freshwater Aquatic plants – perennial or annual plants, a necessary condition of life which – stay in the fresh, salty or brackish water. Some of them are the most numerous group, consisting mainly of monocotyledons, immersed in the water in whole or in part by their own part, all forms that die outside the water and are incapable of land life. They keep on insignificant depths of…

"6 Best Freshwater Aquatic Plants for Freshwater Aquarium"

5 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants Guide for Beginners

5 best freshwater aquarium plants tips Between the continuous movement of the fish and the stillness that produces the decoration, the freshwater aquarium plants with their semi-static positions create a perfect harmony. But we must not forget that apart from its decorative aspect and that of providing hiding to fish and sheltering females to escape the continuous harassment of males that occurs in some species, the most important function of  plants is to assimilate the…

"5 Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants Guide for Beginners"