Why Do You Need An Aquaox Water Filter?

We are made of water. Not just us humans, but also every other living organism on this planet owes its existence to water. In fact, all life started in it, and we need to drink it to survive. But, as technology keeps moving forward, we tend to neglect our natural resources. In the sake of producing more products, we pollute the environment, and that just comes back to bite us.

"Why Do You Need An Aquaox Water Filter?"

20 Tips to assemble your new aquarium

Did you just buy your first new aquarium? We welcome you to this exciting world. Every year a large number of beginners join the aquarium, and many leave it after a brief and unsuccessful experience due to inadequate beginnings. As we do not want that to happen, follow these tips and enjoy a nice hobby for many years, you will not regret it!

"20 Tips to assemble your new aquarium"

Feeding Fish, the Automatic Way

Everyone wants to have the best for their pet fishes. In these modern times, many pet owners might be too busy to tend to their aquarium or pond. They have work, meetings, and they sometimes do business trips. However, their pet fish needs caring and food from time to time. For this reason, a lot of fish owners use automatic fish feeders. Know more about them in this link here.

"Feeding Fish, the Automatic Way"

The 20 best freshwater aquarium fish for a beginner

Freshwater aquarium fish for beginner Freshwater aquarium fish There is a wide variety of freshwater fish to choose from when you are building and inhabiting an aquarium; Depending on the size and equipment installed some fish will adapt better than others. For example, there are freshwater aquarium fish that can not live in an aquarium too small, and oddly enough, some can not be alone in a large aquarium. It is impossible to make an…

"The 20 best freshwater aquarium fish for a beginner"

How to guppy fry care after breeding in your aquarium

Guppy fish is one of the most sought after when having an aquarium at home, or a fish tank, for its attractive drawings and the great simplicity of its handling when breeding. That’s why today we prepare this article for you how to guppy fry care after breeding. They are native fish from northern Brazil, Venezuela and other places in northern South America, and are found in ponds, streams and small lagoons. It is a…

"How to guppy fry care after breeding in your aquarium"

Freshwater Turtles: How to care for freshwater turtles

Although freshwater turtles or semi-aquatic turtles are relatively resistant. They require some very important care that is often unknown. Especially with regard to the turtles of the genera Trachemys , Pseudemys , Graptemys and Mauremys that are the most popular or commercialized in the different countries (although it is applicable to the great majority of water turtles).

"Freshwater Turtles: How to care for freshwater turtles"

Clown Loach fish care: About the Loach Freshwater Clown

The Clown Loach is one of the favorites for freshwater enthusiasts. It is a peaceful fish and lives well with almost any tank mate. It is also a fun species to watch and feed, as it is active during the day. They also eat those annoying snails that can end up in your aquarium. The Clown Loach is sometimes called a fish without scales, but in reality, it has small scales embedded in its skin.

"Clown Loach fish care: About the Loach Freshwater Clown"

Cardinal tetra care |Habitat and care of cardinal tetra fish

When we decide to maintain an aquarium or introduce new fish into it. We must investigate its natural habitat and try to recreate a similar environment. One of the most popular and popular fish in aquariums around the world is the cardinal tetra. Very easily recognizable by its bright red belly.

"Cardinal tetra care |Habitat and care of cardinal tetra fish"

6 Tips to introduce new fish to the aquarium

If you are going to set up your first aquarium, we welcome you to the exciting underwater world of the aquarium. On the other hand, if you already have an aquarium but you have had some bad experience introducing new fish into your aquarium, do not be discouraged, this information also can help you! First of all, keep in mind that you can not buy a new aquarium and the fish that you want to…

"6 Tips to introduce new fish to the aquarium"

5 Common problems in aquariums

Today we talk about common problems in aquariums for all aquarist in the world. The filters for aquariums would be simple pumps if it were not for the filtering media inside, these are the ones that really make a difference in water quality and filtration capacity. The longer the water in the aquarium passes inside the filter, that is, in the filter media, the better the water quality and the cleaner it will come out.

"5 Common problems in aquariums"