Cold Water Fish-How to care for a cold water fish?

How to care cold water fish

Taking care of a cold water fish is very simple because it requires a very basic care, but this does not mean that it has to be taken as a secondary and give little care to the fish.

We will teach you how to take care of a cold water fish with some basic tips, as well as we will tell you which are the best cold water fish for an aquarium.

How to Care for a Cold Water Fish

Place the filter in the right place:

This means that the water filter not only has to be ideal for the aquarium but should also be placed in an area where dogs and cats can not touch it.

Make sure that the fish eat:

The food of the fish must be distributed according to their needs, in several shots such as people, but also make sure that all fish eat and not isolated because in that case could suffer from some Disease such as white spot or a parasite.

Have fish in the fish tank compatible:

It is normal for fish to play with each other and relate, but not all fish are compatible with each other, they may end up attacking each other. So you must know if a fish is compatible with another before putting it in the same aquarium.

Watch for a fish is not sick:

In relation to the previous point, it is possible that a fish are attacking it is also possible because it is sick or there is a problem in the fish tank.

Change the water often:

It is best to do it once a week and clean the fish bowl once a month so that the fish will always live in optimal conditions.

Check the filter:

If it proves that the fish show a lot of head, it means that there are problems with the filter and that causes that the water is not being maintained in the proper conditions.

Put the aquarium in an area where it is not too hot: Since this will overheat the water and will greatly damage your fish.

The best varieties of cold water fish

And what varieties of fish are best for cold water?


It is one of the best known and, contrary to what is believed, it is much better to live in an aquarium with enough space. If you put natural plants in the aquarium you have to be careful because you can eat it.

Carp Koi:

It is a very resistant fish and they possess a wide variety of colors that make them very showy. They are the easiest varieties to take care of.

Neon Tetra:

You must have in the aquarium at least groups of seven. Because they move at least in that number of fish. They are ideal to keep the Goldfish company but they can not live with the Koi Carp because they can end up becoming their food.

Rosy Barb:

Although it is a cold water fish, the good thing is that it can withstand very variable temperatures.

Betta Splendens:

They are tropical fish but they tolerate very well the temperatures. But it is a very aggressive fish reason why it is quite difficult to have it with other fishes.


Contrary to other fish is not very aggressive. But that yes, will be very attentive to the meals and then will be at full speed to catch it.

Telescope :

Telescope fish has bulging eyes outwards, which is why they are given the name. It is easy to take care of but you do not have to put very pointy things in the aquarium as that could harm them.

Bubble Eye:

Its name comes by the so swollen cheeks that it has, in the form of a bubble. A comical aspect that makes them very showy. They are easy to care for and can be companions of most fish. But you have to be careful that they eat because their cheeks remove visibility.


Do not doubt that you will learn how to take care of cold water fish with these tips. They are very simple animals, you only need to set a schedule to take care of it correctly.


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