Is it difficult to take care of a nano fish tank?

If you do research on fish care, you will find a lot of information about aquariums of 50 liters or more and, in general, those that are smaller are discouraged. So, can you have fish in small tanks? Below, we offer you a series of tips for you to learn how to care for fish in a nano fish tank.

The content of a nano fish tank care

  • How many fish can I have in a nano fish tank?
  • The maintenance of nano fish tanks
  • Temperature, lighting, and feeding in small fish tanks

Here we write details to take care of a small fish tank

1. How many fish can I have in a small fish tanks?

That your tank is small does not mean that you need less care than a large fish tank. We know that fish eat, breathe and eliminate their waste in the water. Therefore, a smaller aquarium gets dirty faster than a large one. For a nano fish tank to stay more or less stable, you can only put one or two fish in it. Continue reading Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

2. The maintenance of nano fish tank

Small tanks are inexpensive and can be placed in any type of room. Its maintenance is not too expensive, but you must be constant so that your fish live healthily. It is important to make partial changes to water one to three times a week, depending on the number of inhabitants you have installed. This will help eliminate organic nitrogen waste, which is very toxic to fish. Every time you remove water from the aquarium do it using a siphon hose and suck the sediments that are deposited on the gravel. The water you add must be at the same temperature as the rest and, of course, it must be free of chlorine and other contaminants.nano fish tank

There are small filters for this type of fish tanks. With them, you can have some more fish and facilitate maintenance. If you do not have a filter, it is convenient to install an aerator that guarantees a constant supply of oxygen. And also provides some movement to the water, which further improves oxygenation. As for the water heater, note that it is suitable for the size of your aquarium. As many only serve large tanks of more than 25 liters. If it is not possible to use a heater, you can only choose species of fish that can live in cold water.

3. Temperature, lighting, and feeding in small fish tanks

It is very important to avoid sudden changes in temperature. A small volume of water cools and heats up faster than a large one. So, be especially careful not to place your aquarium in a very cold place or expose it to direct sunlight. In addition to covering yourself with seaweed, the water would get too hot and put your fish at risk. Similarly, if you plan to install a light source you should look for one that does not emit too much heat, such as LED lights or fluorescents.

Another important point is the fish food. It is advisable to use fish food in the form of granules or floating sticks. Because they make the waterless dirty. As they do not accumulate in the background. The fish end up eating almost everything and are not wasted or spoiled.

It is possible to enjoy the pleasure of seeing the fish swim even with a small fish tank. It is economical and once you get used to the routine of your care you will see that it does not take you too long. Always try to give your fish as much space as possible, because they will be happier if they have enough space to swim, plants to hide or eat and other friendly fish with whom to share their habitat.

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