Fish Bowl Aquarium Care- How to maintenance your fish bowl?

How to maintenance your fish bowl aquarium?

The simplicity of the fish bowl aquarium may compel you to believe that it does not require any maintenance. Some inexperienced hobbyist will be content in just throwing the fish in the bowl and putting it on the desk or table to be admired by all and sundry. A Fish bowl is quite easy to maintain, as most of the species of fish suitable for this kind of fish keeping have few demands. The smaller fish are not very fussy and require only a few rules to be followed when fish keeping. However, certain rules must be followed or else the fish in the aquarium are going to become unhealthy and die.

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Fish Bowl Aquarium Care- How to maintenance your fish bowl?

One of the most popular species of fish is the Goldfish. The Goldfish are very popular freshwater fish to beginners and kids who have probably seen this type of fish on TV. Many people would rush to buy a Goldfish for their fish bowl aquarium. The Goldfish is however not the most suitable fish for it. The Goldfish needs adequate space for it to continue living normally and most of these species of this fish would not do very well in a regular sized fish bowl. Most of the Goldfish also need an aquarium with a good filtration system.

Fish Bowl Aquarium Care- How to maintenance your fish bowl?

There are other species of fish that would do very well in a fish bowl aquarium. The Labyrinth fish are very popular with this type of aquariums. They have lung like organs that helps them breathe air whenever the oxygen level of the aquarium is running low. One of the most popular species from this family of fish is the Siamese Fighting Fish. These types of fish can survive in small containers, but they also need proper care and a fair amount of space for them to remain healthy.


Fish Bowl Aquarium Care- How to maintenance your fish bowl?

The water in the fish bowl can become dirty quickly and make the fish get sick. The first thing that you should make a point of doing is to change the water frequently. You should not use tap water, since tap water has certain chemicals that may be harmful to the fish. Make a point of cleaning the inside of the bowl. To do this, remove the fish and transfer them (with a fish net) to a container with water. Clean the fish bowl aquarium, rinse properly and then carefully place back the fish in the bowl.


Fish Bowl Aquarium Care- How to maintenance your fish bowl?

The location of the aquarium fish bowl is equally important for the survival of the fish. Heat is one of the factors that you should consider when deciding where to place the bowl. Putting the bowl in direct sunlight will raise the temperature of the water in the bowl, because of the smaller volume of water. High temperatures are not good for some cold water fish. Some fish would become very unhealthy and die when the temperature goes a few degrees higher then the room temperature. The aquarium fish bowl should be away from the reach of cats and other predators such as birds that can spot them from very far away.



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