Fish Reproduce | How are the fish reproduce in your aquarium?

Caring for a cat or a dog is an easy task because they are mammals, and some pets that almost everyone has. However, understanding the operation or care of other less common animals could be more complicated. For example, have you ever wondered how the fish reproduce?

Whether you have asked or are curious to know, you will love reading this article.

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How fish reproduce

fish reproduce

The miracle of life through reproduction is a fascinating process that fills us with admiration. Knowing how it works in fish becomes interesting because it is different from other species, in addition to being very diverse. Many believe that fish reproduce by eggs, but this is not always the case.

Fish in a fish tank

What determines the process in which the fish reproduce? Well, it will depend on whether they are oviparous, viviparous or ovoviviparous. Let’s see how is the process according to each class:

Oviparous. In this case, the eggs will navigate through the water accompanied by the sperm of the male. Some could navigate, while others would go to the bottom of the sea. However, fish can protect their eggs so that the birth is carried out by keeping it in their mouth or protecting them with water bubbles.

The viviparous give birth to babies that have been formed inside their body.

The oviparous have the process of fertilization inside them like the viviparous, but instead of giving birth to young, they will lay eggs. The male fish would put the eggs inside, and these will develop there until they are ready to be expelled to the outside. Something curious about the females of this class is that the second time they can lay eggs without the help of the male since they keep a little sperm from the first time. If your are love guppy fish here we give some tips how to guppy fish breeding in your home aquarium.

Did you know that there are hermaphroditic fish?

fish reproduce

Explaining how fish reproduce in the case of hermaphrodites is an interesting and enjoyable process since the hermaphrodites have no specific sex and can become a female or male at will according to the need for mating. This is known as simultaneous hermaphroditism.

However, there is another type of hermaphroditism in which fish are males in the first part of their lives, and then become females. This is called protandric hermaphroditism, while in the opposite case (first female and then male) it is called protogenic hermaphroditism.

How fish reproduce: migrations

Migrations during reproduction are common in many types of fish. They do them alone or as a couple, and the distance traveled varies according to the type of fish and the time of year.

This they do to search the site they consider ideal mating.

As you see, the process of fish mating, fertilization, and reproduction of fish was unknown but certainly exciting.

How to reproduce fish in an aquarium

If you like fish and now you love their reproductive process, you probably like to know if they can reproduce in an aquarium that you have or want to put at home. Well, we tell you what you need.

fish reproduce

Choose the fish well:

It is better to have a group of fish instead of just one pair. Of course, you should make sure that they use the same reproduction system, or at least one of the pairs does it. However, fish are not animals of a couple, and it will be easier for them to breed if there are several options to choose from.


Some fish need to adapt their habits before the reproduction process, such as feeding. Talk to the veterinarian to explain how to do it.


The temperature and pH of your aquarium are vital for the survival of your present fish and the future ones that may come. Avoid sudden movements around the aquarium and interference from outside. Tranquility is vital to the process.

This is all we know about how fish reproduce. We hope to have awakened your curiosity for these animals that are more than suitable for pets. Are you already thinking about adopting one? Courage, you will love it!


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