Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

Some tips Flowerhorn fish care forever

Scientific Name: Flowerhorn

Family: Cichlid

Genus: Cichlasoma

The Flowerhorn or Hua Luo Han, does not exist in nature, is a hybrid result of several cichlid crosses of South America, can be included in the genus Cichlasoma, most breeders think about Cichlasoma trimaculatus, Cichlasoma Festae, Parrot Red And other fish. This fish belong freshwater aquarium fish.


In Japan, for example, there have been several catches of some species, usually, they like waters with few currents, although as we mentioned in the section Habitat, few species have been found in Nature.


Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

Form: Basically similar to A. citronella (Midas): oval, robust in appearance, tall and relatively wide body; Adult males have a very pronounced hump whose size may vary, the caudal fin is rounded, and enthusiasts of this creation appreciate that the filaments of the dorsal and anal fins overlap the caudal fin.


The Flower Horn can reach 30 cm, although in its ecosystem larger specimens have been found.


Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

A range of the most varied by a large number of species that are involved in the crosses. There are basic red, pink, orange, blue green, pearly (these fundamentally green or blue) tonalities … and each one receives different common names reminiscent of Asian originals: Super Red Dragon, Rainbow Dragon, Blue Dragon, Super Snake Skin, Golden Monkey, Kamfa, Zhen Zhu etc.

You can mix them with American Cichlids …

The horizontal band is black but discontinuous (its visibility will depend on the state of mind of each specimen), it is valued among its followers that the vertical lines are thick and well marked; The scales must be greenish or blue. A healthy specimen should not be with an opaque or pale hue, in such case measure the pH, total hardness, NO3, etc.

Sexual Differences:

Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

Males are larger and when they are adults they develop the characteristic hump present in the species on which their base genes (Amphilophus) are based. The dorsal and anal fins have filamentous extensions of which the females lack, and are more aggressive than these.

However, when they already have about 12cm (total length including the dorsal fin), in their genital part, the males in the anal area have a “V” shape, while the females have a “U”, it is another The important characteristics,

Life Expectancy:

The average life expectancy is not defined, as there are still some examples of the first generations living in Asia.


Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

With flat stones on the bottom as if they were tiles, also with stones we will make very solid structures forming cavities according to their size, we can also decorate the tank with large logs, but also it is necessary to leave a large area devoid of objects for the purpose That they can swim freely.

Temperature: Must be maintained between 24 ° C and 27 ° C.

Parameters: PH 7.0-7.8; KH 10-12; GH 10-16


The feeding of this species can be very varied, we can give from Mosquito larvae, porridge prepared with some meat, even mussels or bambas, even some fish. You can really get to eat everything.


Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

It is essential to make water changes of the order of 20% a week. As they are very prone to suffer bacterial attacks when the quality of the same deteriorates.

As we commented on the food should eat everything. But it is important not to give much because at all times his attitude is to want to be seated at all times.

Flowerhorn is one of the most popular Hybrids in the world …

Difficulty: It is an easy species to keep in an aquarium.

Swim zone:

This variety can be seen all over the aquarium, is a very nervous fish and when we make the aquarium. We swim like crazy.


This is a fish that is usually very territorial and it is difficult to accept partners. When reaching sexual maturity unless it is an established partner, has the temperament of trimaculatus which makes it a very, very fish

“Foolish” so to speak and get to fight against bigger and stronger rivets without surrender even if it costs him death.


Flowerhorn fish care-Some tips to keep Flowerhorn fish

This variety reproduces quite easily, is similar to that of A. citronella. The eggs are deposited on a flat and preferably vertical surface, the laying will be about 1,000 eggs. And the female will take care of them while the male will watch the Surrounding territory. It is also said that at this time they are even more aggressive.



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