Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

How to Keeping Discus Fish as a freshwater fish in your home aquarium

Hello friends, I want to this post here put a guide to be able to have you’re Keeping Discus Fish. In a perfect condition.

It has always been said that the discus fish is the king of the aquarium. It’s true. And the truth is that it is one of the fish that most adorns and beautiful results a good fish tank. Many people do not Keeping Discus Fish because they think, it is very complicated to maintain Keeping Discus Fish. There are think to needs some lots of  Special care. But nowadays it is not as before the one that had recorded were wild and today almost all are hybrids. It means that they are raised with conditions and parameters very different from the savages.

The first thing we have to have a tank suitable for our tenants. I do not recommend a lower one from 150ltr to 200ltr and if it can be much larger. We have to keep in mind that you want to  Keeping Discus Fish. That I could get to measure of about 22cm to 25cm. More and that each specimen needs 40 to 50 liters for the single fish. I always speak as an adult, for me more than space is to have good filtration. And is the mother of the lamb. I mean that if we have a 200l tank we will have a filter that moves at least 600ltr of water per hour and if it can be better, nowadays in the market there are several brands of very good quality.

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

We have to take into account that fish at least 3 of them and from there according to the tank.


The first thing we have to take into account is to know the quality of the water. That comes out of our taps, to know what PH, KH, GH. We have and from there know the proportion of water that we have to mix with distilled water or osmosis. I recommend using drops test, never use strips as they are quite inaccurate.

You always Keeping Discus Fish acidic and soft water. That means a neutral ph 7 or lower and a GH hardness between 4 to 8 all the more. And that reason the importance of knowing the water that leaves our ducts. I would advise to have them in a PH of 6.8 to 7 and a GH of 4 to 6, with a KH of 2 to 3, the kh will serve as a buffer for not having a sudden descent of PH, it is better to have a water with a pH of 7.2 constant that not a ph that Fence fluctuating.

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

Sure in most cities do not have a water with these levels so we have to do it ourselves, I would recommend having a reverse osmosis equipment that you leave with parameters with a pH of 6 and the other parameters have to exit all To 0, depends on the group of osmosis that we have can vary the pH, but it will never exceed 7 and from there we have to make the mixture of osmosis ourselves with one of the taps until having the desired parameters. The tests that I recommend that are necessary are: The PH, GH, KH, NITRITES, NITRATES. There are much more but the essentials for me are those.


The discus fish that can withstand temperatures up to 34º. I have had them but only when I have had to medicate them and without any other species. I advise Keeping Discus Fish a temperature between 27º and 29º, I have them at 28º and I go Phenomenal. We know that in summer the temperature is difficult to have it appropriate since it usually arrives sometimes until 30º. But for the records that do not have to worry us, if for the other tenants that we have with them.


Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

The discus is a fish that talking in silver is very brown at the time of eating, it messes the water pH the importance of having a good filtration, I repeat is the mother of the lamb, you have to feed them and accustom them to eat everything, PAPAL, ARTEMIA, ESCAMAS, GRANULE, mine eat until mussels, but what can not miss is a good PAPA, today in the market there is great quality and if we can not do it ourselves, (Another day will open another post Of the home made fish food recipe) but I repeat they have to eat varied not just one thing. Depending on the discs we have, I mean, if they are adults or alevienes we will give more amount of food a day, we have to realize that the fry need more times than we have it to adults.


It is the main thing for us to have a healthy and healthy tank for our fish, I recommend water changes weekly 40% of the tank, because it is very simple to know since as I mentioned above it is a fish that messes a lot and immediately We have high nitrates, hence the importance of weekly changes with their corresponding siphoning to remove all the crap and debris we can.

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

The changes we will make with the same parameters and temperature approximately the temperature can vary a lot 2º, it has to be realized that to the water of the faucet it is necessary to put a conditioner to neutralize the chlorine and other metals that can arrive, I prepare it throughout the Week and when the Saturday change I bring you.


Obviously we must Keeping Discus Fish that live with the same parameters as them, we have to realize that the king of the aquarium is a fish that is very easily stressed so that we will look for calm and peaceful species, and I recommend them: a pair Corydoras fish, These if they can not miss since they are great cleaners of the bottom of our tank, a pair of neon tetra, a pair of Ancistrus, who likes snails because I would say that some apple, are good to clean too the waste.


Luckily most records tell us that something is not right, change color darken or show the bars of stress. The observer will immediately notice these samples and understand that it is time to make a reflection of what may be: the temperature is fine, we have not had a modification of pH, we have introduced something in the new aquarium (decoration or fish)

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

In any case, we always advise an increase in the routine of water changes in order to increase, as far as possible, the quality of the water, tranquility, lowering of the light, improvement in food and a lot of observation, such as feces? How do they swim? How they eat The tone or color of the skin, etc. Everything is data that will help us to verify that everything is in perfect condition.

Most of the time the album with this will improve and it is also true that sometimes the discs survive not by the medication but live despite it.

Experience also tells us that in diseases caught in time we have a great index of healing, whereas a problem that expands over time usually has dire consequences.


My main advice is not to be capricious and to have patience, we have in our hands the lives of other living beings and our obligation is to give them the best quality of life that is in our hands, so let us prepare ourselves before and do not be impulsive in buying or Introduction of species we do not know.

In order to introduce some new food into the diet of the discus fish, we must wait until they are healthy and well feed, that they enter to eat with desire, then we will not be difficult for them to accept the new food, although for that we must let them spend a Little hunger, you should never starve a record that is not perfectly fed and healthy, the only thing we will get is that you get sick.

In any case, before the acquisition of records is essential that we get them to eat as soon as possible. What I do when I bring new records is to start with red larva, if they do not eat that, I do not have to waste time with anything else, I give them peace of mind, I try never to make sudden movements in front of the aquarium and raise the temperature to 30-31 degrees , Then I give them small doses until they enter to eat. When they eat larva, I feed them a meal of artemia, they usually accept it quite well, and I leave them with that food until they come out to see me, that’s very important.


The discus fish to put them in the aquarium are afraid of us. Only with time and seeing that we are the ones that give them to eat they will change the concept. They will begin to associate with the food. That one day when approaching the aquarium will leave, first timidly, then in a group. Then it is very important not to make sudden movements and to observe them.

Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

We do not get closer, we have to go little by little. Once the record comes out to see us with joy, as a puppy when it arrives its master will start to eat with joy, that is the time to go change their food, I give them artemia and when they are eating like crazy I loose a little bit of porridge , And surely some bite falls, and so slowly until they only eat porridge, then I do the same with the granule and scale, is not usually difficult, my last records are wild and ate scales in a week, maybe I had Some luck.

One last very personal advice, since I do not give them mosquito larva. I have seen a decrease in examine cases, maybe just my own. But just in case I never give them, just in case of illness or new individuals. But as soon as I can withdraw from their diet.


I guess I will leave a lot of things but as I go out leaving and I will put them. But the main thing to have keeping discus fish in your aquarium. In good condition is: Have a good tank, A Good Filtration, Good Food. And the Principal  Not Jumping any change of something. And with these 4 things, we will not enjoy much of our pets and we will have them very healthy.



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