Why are your Goldfish jumping out of your fish tank?

Your goldfish may jump out of tank for a number of reasons

To the owner goldfish care, few attractions are more alarming than fish that is outside of the aquarium fish tank, breathless or dead. Your red fish may jump out of your store for a number of reasons. It is rarely possible to determine exactly what this apparently suicidal act has led to. However, you can take a series of precautions to keep your aquarium fish safe and happy in your home.

Water temperature

Goldfish do better in waters with temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees. As the water temperature rises, red fishes become more active. If the water is too hot, your red fish may jump out of your tank accidentally, due to increased activity, or instinctive attempt to reduce body temperature. Try to use aquarium auto heater and maintain a constant water temperature and avoid placing the tank in direct sunlight or close to heat sources.

Water Quality

The dirty water tank is unlikely to hold enough oxygen for red fish to thrive and has enough ammonia waste present to become detrimental to the fish. The Goldfish Shrine suggests that poor water quality can cause a fish to jump from a tank in an attempt to survive. The site recommends changing about a third of the aquarium water change once a week. Additional steps you can take to maintain water quality include installation and keep. An adequate filter and ensuring the tank is large enough for its inhabitants.


During the life of your red fish, some events and situations may occur that could increase your chances of jumping. For example, as long as a red fish becomes established in a new environment, stress or emotions can cause the red fish to jump from a tank. You also have a certain risk of losing a red fish during reproduction. When the excited males chase the females around the tank. According to Goldfish this hectic activity can cause a red fish to jump involuntarily out of the water.


A red fish that experiences discomfort due to infestation or other disorder parasites can swim around the most irregular tank of the usual. The most uncontrolled fish movements, shots, or frenzied. The greater the likelihood of red fish unwittingly jumping out of the water. Regularly observe the fish for any changes in behavior or appearance and refer to all the concerns of an aquatic or veterinary expert.

Protective measures

Taking care of the environment of your goldfish. It can do a lot to minimize the risk of your red fish jumping out of its water. However, you can be certain to prevent such accidents only if you provide a cover for your tank. A ventilated cover or nets will provide protection ensuring that the surface oxygen is not limited. As a temporary measure, as long as it is possible to mount a suitable cover. So that the water level is at least 2 cm below the bath edge.


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