Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

Clown marine fish care and breeding total tips

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┬áMarine fish Clown – a small fish, though small, but bright: its orange or yellow color emphasizes the pattern of contrasting light or black transverse bands, sometimes only one thin strip remains on the general background. In any case, this bright coloring and drawing do not allow confusing this fish with any other.

The rustling “skin” of the clown tells of his quick temper and hints at the danger that may come closest to approaching this seemingly harmless fish.

Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

In aquarium

Divers, photographers, and tourists are very fond of taking pictures of this scuffle. And aquarists like to plant it. It is not necessary to have an anemone with her, besides, it is very difficult to care for a plant. Remember that this marine fish is from the sea, and not from fresh water, so it is more difficult to care for it. You will need a spacious aquarium, sea sand or coral crumb (put it at least 2-3 centimeters), a heater that maintains a temperature of about 25 ┬░ C and high-quality sea salt. As for lighting – two fluorescent lamps are enough.

Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

It is best to buy a pair of young fish to grow together. The one that will grow much faster eventually becomes a female. Over time, the difference in size will become invisible.

Marine Fish-clowns are very attached to each other. Once friends, they will spend together most of the day, and at night and sleep nearby. If you decide to start a group of clowns, do not be surprised if they often chase each other and even fight for territory.


Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

Your favorites are suitable and live and frozen food. Their favorite delicacy is artemia, squid, shrimp; Bottom algae (for example, spirulina), dry food for marine fish. Feed your clowns several times a day in small portions.


Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

In the natural environment, the Marine fish clown’s females spawn in the poisonous thickets of anemones. If you decide that this poisonous plant is not for you, place in the aquarium decorative grotto, rock, saucer or coral. Thoroughly clean the selected place. In nature, fishes are more likely to choose flat or slightly curved stones, in captivity – clay pots and saucers. It is interesting that the behavior of males activates the moonlight. Spawning begins in the morning and takes up to two hours. The male constantly cares for caviar, fanning it with his fins, and removes unfertilized eggs from the masonry. Sometimes a female can help him in this difficult matter. The larvae begin to eat right away, as they pick out. White stripes appear in the first week of life.


Marine fish: Marine Clownfish care and breeding method

An interesting feature of the marine fish clowns is that these handsome men are not only playful and sometimes cocky but also make sounds: they click, “grumble”, well, at least they do not talk! Many aquarists believe that there is no more curious and unpredictable fish on earth: you will not have to miss the clown, that’s for sure.

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