Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?

How to start a Planted Nano Tank?

Planted nano tank are small tank (usually less than 5 gallons) that are relatively easy to start up. These tanks are perfect for someone who is starting with fish tanks, or for someone who does not have a lot of space, time or money to maintain a larger tank. Planted nano tank can range in size from 12 oz. (Beta bowls) all the way up to 5 gallons.


Rinse the object to be used for a planted nano tank with warm water and then let it dry in the air. Do not use chemicals or soap on it.

Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?

Rinse the substrate. With finer substrate, put it on a cloth and then run the water over it. This should be done with about 1 cup of the substrate at a time. The granulated substrate, gravel, and rocks can be put in a colander and rinsed in the sink. Rinse again. The substrate must be free of dirt and dust that has been collected.

Pour the substrate into the tank and spread it until it is visually appealing to you. In most cases, filling the tank a quarter of the way may be enough.

Tank Equipment

Develop a tank design. The design includes objects you need to buy – such as plants and decorations (for example, pieces of wood) – and what to do with them (first or second floor).

Put the non-living things in the tank.

Install the filter (optional). Most filters are supported on the top of the tank with a small suction tube set in the water. Follow the instructions on the filter for more details.

Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?

Carefully pour the water into the tank. Water can be purchased at the store or from the tap. Slowly pour the water to avoid lifting the gravel and damaging the landscape. This can be best achieved by slowing pouring it over a dark colored decoration so you can disperse the water around it.

Fertilize the water. The exact amounts will be based on the type of fertilizer you use and the amount of water maintained by the tank.

Let the rest of the water. Chemicals in the water have to be established and conditioned the water. If you are not using a filter, leave the rest of the water for about a week before adding the fish. With a filter, two days should be a lot of time.

Set your light. A desk lamp can be placed near the tank to help maintain the balance of the ecosystem. This light can be turned off at night. Follow the link on the light for more details.

Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?

Add your plants and fish. Place the plants in the tank by gently placing the roots under the substrate. Carefully pour the fish into the tank. Betas or Florida Jordanella Florida are good choices, or you can use several guppies or shrimp. Plants such as Dwarf Anubias, java fern, java moss, Christmas moss and other dwarf aquatic plants will work well.

Tips & Warnings

When collecting fish, use the 1 inch per gallon rule. Make sure the tank has at least one gallon of water per inch of adult sized fish.

When placing the substrate in the planted nano tank, keep in mind that excess gravel will limit the amount of space for fish and plants.

Planted Nano Tank- How to Start an aquascaping planted nano tank?

Also you buying a stopwatch so that the desk lamp will help with remembering to turn the light on intermittently during the tank.


Be careful not to put a fish into a fish tank immediately. If the fish can live, it did not reduce its life cycle, from a few years to a couple of months.

Do not use a goldfish with live plants. This fish will destroy the plants.


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