An introduction to probate house sales

Selling a property under probate is different to selling a property in the usual way. The property, and any other assets, must be disposed of in accordance with the law, so it is useful to understand how this works.

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Difficulties selling a property under probate

When someone dies, their assets, including any property they own, must be disposed of according to the law. It may also be that you have to keep the property maintained while probate is being processed, which can incur extra expenses.

How long does it take?

Selling a property under probate can take longer, as granting probate can take many weeks. The sale of the property can also take time depending on the area; for example, the best solicitors Birmingham will have many such properties waiting for probate.

A tip for selling

There are legalities to undergo before you finalise a sale of a property under probate, but there are ways to make the process move quicker. You can market the property; engage a conveyancer, such as one of the best conveyancing solicitors Birmingham has to offer; and arrange for viewings to take place. You will need to explain to any potential buyers that the property is under probate and that it may take longer than usual to complete.

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Help with probate

If this all seems too daunting, you can get help with the sale of a property under probate by engaging a solicitor to work on your behalf; for example, the best conveyancing solicitors Birmingham will be happy to advise you.


There are some easy ways to keep the property secure while the probate process is being completed:

– Check that the locks are working properly.
– Keep the property in good condition.
– Cancel or redirect any regular post.
– Assess the property for minor repairs, such as redecorating or garden tidying. Once probate is granted, the completion of minor tasks such as these could make the sale proceed more quickly.
– Remember to keep all the receipts you have incurred, as these can be claimed back once the property is sold.

Selling a property under probate might seem difficult due to the legal restraints; however, by taking the right advice and completing any work that is within your capabilities, the property may sell sooner than you think.a


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