How to guppy fry care after breeding in your aquarium

guppy fry

Guppy fish is one of the most sought after when having an aquarium at home, or a fish tank, for its attractive drawings and the great simplicity of its handling when breeding. That’s why today we prepare this article for you how to guppy fry care after breeding. They are native fish from northern Brazil, Venezuela and other places in northern South America, and are found in ponds, streams and small lagoons.

It is a warm water fish that feeds on mosquito larvae and water fleas, but also on vegetables, because it is omnivorous, and also needs to eat everything so that its colors shine to the fullest and have the best appearance. It has the peculiarity that it is very sensitive to copper sulfate, a substance that is used to remove snails from aquariums, so other products must be used for that purpose, otherwise, the result will be the death of most of the animals.

They reproduce easily, and even females have the ability to store sperm and have successive waves of fry from single copulation. When the new guppy goes into the water they will need some care on your part so that the parents do not eat them and reach maturity and you can enjoy their movements. Here are some tips so you know how to guppy fry care in the best way.

guppy fry care

What do you need to take care of the guppy fingerlings?

  • Guppy fish male and female
  • Various aquariums or fish tanks
  • Breeding box
  • Special food for fingerlings
  • Instructions for caring for guppy fingerlings

Quality water

 It is important that the quality of the water is optimal so that the guppy fry grow quickly and healthily. To maintain that good quality you can use a kit that you will find in the pet stores, which will be useful to have the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels at their proper point. Ammonia and nitrites should be at a level of 0 parts per million and nitrates should not exceed 10 parts per million.

guppy fry care

You also need to change the water in the aquarium every week, always taking care not to lose any fish or adult or breeding. Keep the temperature of the water always between 23.8 and 26.6 degrees Celsius as the ideal scale for the fry, although adults accept a greater difference. To clean the water use a sponge or a very gentle mechanical filter, but always have some protection so you do not suck the fry. I suggest to know more how to guppy fish breeding in your home aquarium.

Separate the fry

The guppy fry care is very appetizing as food for the rest of the fish that may be in the aquarium, even for the guppy fish themselves parents of that fry. Therefore, as soon as they appear in the aquarium you must remove them and put them in a separate tank, or you can also put them in a breeding box made of mesh inside the aquarium. The birth It is not difficult to observe the proximity of the moment when the female guppy will give birth when you see this one that visibly fattens and shows a black spot on the belly.

The darker the spot and the fatter the female, the closer is the delivery. Sometimes you can see little black spots in the spot, which are the eyes of the fry. The female can give birth to between 3 and 100 fingerlings within a maximum period of three days, although the first litter can be born in about six hours.

guppy fry care

If you see that they are not born anymore, you can return the female with the male to the aquarium or main fish tank. When the time approaches, introduce the female in the breeding box, which has separators and floats, so that the fry fall to the bottom of the box. If you use a separate aquarium or fish tank, take out the fry and in turn place them in another tank, with some vegetation. If you leave the fry that is born with the mother, it will eat them in all probability.

 Adequate food

The guppy fry needs a high-protein, high-quality diet. Given its minimum size, you can give them food in flakes reduced to dust and infusoria – which are almost microscopic animals that appear in a liquid. As they grow, give them also the food of adults, such as mosquito larvae and artemia.

Remove the sick

Watch carefully the progress of the guppy fry in your tank and if you see if there is someone sick who does not behave like the others, remove it because it is very difficult to survive. In addition, you cannot add any medication to the nursery of the offspring, because it is most likely that you do not administer the proper dose and kill all the fry.

Put them in the main aquarium

guppy fry

When the guppy fry grows, put them with the rest of adult guppy and other fish, if you have more than one species in the aquarium. They will be able to change them when they have grown in size and literally do not fit in the mouths of adults, then they will no longer be prey for them. Make sure all the fry have grown and are the same size as the adults you already have.

Tips for guppy fry care

  • Remember that the fry does not need their parents; On the contrary, if you leave them all together, the adults will eat the young.
  • Feed the fry their specific food for them five times a day.
  • You can buy the infusoria at the pet store, but you can also grow them at home.


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