Why Do You Need An Aquaox Water Filter?

We are made of water. Not just us humans, but also every other living organism on this planet owes its existence to water. In fact, all life started in it, and we need to drink it to survive. But, as technology keeps moving forward, we tend to neglect our natural resources. In the sake of producing more products, we pollute the environment, and that just comes back to bite us.

Every wasteful thing we put into the atmosphere or the ground eventually finds a way to interact with water. That’s mostly done by rain which finds its way through everything. Thus we contaminate everything around us, and worst of all, we add poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals to the water we drink.

Seeing that we consume about eight cups of it every day and that our bodies are made of it, we might be a little more careful about what we put into it, but we aren’t. So, the only thing left for us to do is to filter it as soon as it reaches our house, and then be sure that what we’re drinking is the clear and fresh liquid of life we know and love. Click here to read more.

Water from the tap is much dirtier than it looks

You see it drop down and flow, and it’s perfectly clean. You can look through it, and there are no traces of anything that floats in it and that gives you the illusion that it is pure H2O. But that isn’t often the case. The pipes that lead to your house are not entirely new. Most often, the structure of our cities is laced with canals that are more than a decade old. Some places are not so lucky, and they have infrastructures that are half a century old.

Through pipes, the clean drinking water that comes out from a tank can be contaminated. And that can happen in many ways. Miles and miles of pipelines can add pesticides and contaminants. You don’t know everything that has passed through the plastic or metal that leads to your house. Most often, the water in our homes has chlorine levels that are much higher than it is allowed. As well as that, it can also have a fortification with fluoride. Both of these substances can be carcinogenic and very harmful to our bodies.

Of course, disinfecting the water is something that is absolutely necessary. Some people refer to it as a necessary evil, because it keeps a lot of diseases away. But, if you drink it on a daily basis, and shower with it, that’s a way for all of these dangerous chemicals to enter your body. That’s not a good idea. There’s a lot of research to back this up, and the most recent findings show that 85 percent of homes use tap water that’s laced with more than three hundred contaminants. That’s a scary statistic. The research had been done for more than three years, and the results are just as jaw-dropping for us as they were for the scientists. Here is more info: http://www.homewaterfilterreviews.com/aquaox-whole-house-water-filtration-system/

Bottled water isn’t too good either

Well, this is something surprising. If you’re the type that buys tons of cases each week, then after reading this you might stop altogether. Bottled water isn’t regulated as much as it should be. This leads to the EPA saying that it isn’t that much better than tap water. As well as that, it takes up to four times more effort to pack it, and that’s not good for the environment. We’ll put things into perspective.

It takes about four liters to manufacture one bottle. That’s a lot of wasted resources. As well as that, the excess plastic is then dumped into the oceans, and it kills fish, turtles, whales, and practically everything that lives there. Not only that but burning up tons and tons of oil is needed for the production. This is a disaster for the planet. It has everything terrible for it, plastic, the burning up of fossil fuels, and contaminating the environment. Recent surveys and studies show that more than two-thirds of all plastic bottles are thrown away into the ocean. This just helps to poison and pollute the wildlife living there. It’s about time we stopped doing that.

Filtering the water that comes to your home

This has proven to be the safest thing we can do for our health and the health of every living organism. Water filtration systems make it taste better, smell better, and you can actually feel the difference. Of course, everyone has a budget they’re willing to spend, and there are systems in place for each consumer.

You can put a filter under your counter and be limited to only drink from that tap. But, that doesn’t cover the showers and the faucets in your bathrooms. Contaminants can still enter your body through your skin. So, for people that shower every day, a great way to better your health can be to install a full house filter. Not to mention, this is a much cheaper option than buying a dozen plastic bottles every day.

Sometimes, you don’t drink water directly. Most households prefer to cook, and every dish is prepared by using water. You can wash vegetables and fruits, and add it to different stews and recipes. This gives the chemicals a way to enter your body without directly consuming it. With a filter, you can be sure that everything you eat and drink is perfectly clean. Most cleaners have a way of handling more than 2100 different toxins, and that is more than enough.

You can improve your immune system and your overall health by getting a great filter. It also helps in reducing the risk of cancer, since you won’t be bathing in chemicals every day. But, if you don’t plan to get yourself a shower filter, a good thing to do is to shower with cold water. This closes the pores of the body and limits the amounts of contaminants that can go through.


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