What do crabs eat?

crabs eat

Today we talk about what do crabs eat. There are many species of crabs in the world of different sizes and shapes. Although they can live in different places, they all have in common the humid habitat like that of seas and rivers. They can also be found on cliffs and mountains, under rocks. Although they usually adapt well to different environments and climates. The aquatic environment is their preferred one and it is in which they are best handled.

The foods that crabs eat will depend on where they live. However, we can say that it follows an omnivorous diet and feeds on practically everything it finds. Although they have a greater preference for animals than for vegetables.  So, its great voracity makes it feed on any organic matter and even human waste. Despite its large and strong pincers, it is not a hunting animal. But it is used to break and crush food, as well as to defend against predators.

What do sea crabs eat?

Crabs that live on the beach are also known as sand crabs or saltwater crabs. Depending on their size, they can differentiate between predatory crabs, the largest crabs, or scavenging crabs, the smallest ones. These crustaceans are not good swimmers but move with ease on the mainland, so when they are at sea they usually move and bury themselves in the bottom.

 crabs eatSome of the foods that sea crabs eat are fish, other smaller crustaceans, turtle hatchlings, algae, plankton, worms and corpses of waterfowl, as well as any remaining dead animal.

The sea ​​crab in the aquarium can eat anything that is offered (plants, flower petals, bread, insects, meat, fruits, vegetables) because they take advantage of everything. But this does not mean that it is a proper meal for them. We must offer them a diet similar to what they would eat in their natural habitat to achieve healthy nutrition. You may continue reading: 10 Tips how to feed your aquarium fish

What do crayfish eat?

The freshwater crayfish can be found in streams where currents are not fast or strong. Like those of the sea, it is not skillful for hunting and is omnivorous, it feeds on animals or vegetables that are found in the environment. The crayfish prefer to feed on live prey such as earthworms, water fleas, small fish, amphibians and even some reptiles that hunt among the stones. When meat is scarce, choose to feed on plant stems and aquatic algae.

 crabs eatRegarding what freshwater crabs eat when they have a pet, a balanced diet of meat and vegetables can be varied. Fish food may be an option, but it will not offer all the nutrients you need. The best would be to offer organic and natural foods such as small pieces of vegetables, lettuce, cabbage leaves, plants and fish meat or cooked chicken (not daily). You can also give frozen food such as bloodworms, daphnia or Artemia. Especially avoid processed foods, with salt, sugars or dyes. The feeding of the crayfish is very similar to that of the famous hermits.

What do hermit crabs eat?

Hermit crabs are known to use the shells they find as “home” to protect themselves. This species uses the shell of other mollusks because its body is weaker and softer. They feed on any animal and vegetable matter, although they prefer the small prey they encounter such as aquatic snails, mussels, worms, larvae, and crustaceans. Also, when you are hungry you can eat any fruit or plant that is in your environment.

 crabs eatRegarding the feeding of the hermit crab as a pet, they usually eat almost everything. However, we must take care of their diet so that they are healthy. Always use natural food and avoid processed foods, sugar and salt. Fruits such as grapes, blueberries, and apples are a perfect choice; also vegetables, fish, and seafood in general. Remember that the portions must be small.

Crab meal: What do crabs eat at home?

If we have a sea crab, a river or a hermit at home, it will be a bit complicated to give animal carcasses and other foods that I would choose in their habitat. Therefore, in addition to the different options that we have already mentioned, such as vegetables, fruits and some meats and mollusks, there is a specific option for them. In Trend animal, you can find the food for shrimp and crabs SERA Crabs, a complete and energetic product that guarantees an ideal and balanced diet.

The sera food for crabs is made from fish meal, seaweed, spirulina, nettle leaves, spinach, carrots and much more. They offer adequate nutrition for proper health, with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Remember that, in addition to knowing that crabs eat, the place where they live must be appropriate to their needs in terms of size, medium, and climate. The pH must be neutral and with a controlled temperature that oscillates between 21-25º.


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