How to set up a Saltwater Fish Tank for Keep your saltwater fish

9 Facts About Saltwater fish tank set up

Creating a saltwater fish tank can be relatively easy as long as you keep it simple and do not try to use all the different appliances available. Keeping fish can be cheap and easy or can be complex and costly. If you just start marching in the hobby, do not try to go for a complex system right away. If not, try again until you do it right.


1 The purchase of supplies

How to set up a Saltwater Fish Tank for Keep your saltwater fish

Shop to get the best deals. If you do a little research before you buy anything it would be easier. Also, try going to a local fish store instead of a giant supply chain for pets because things will generally be cheaper and employees will be more specialized in fish.

 2 Make sure you have everything

At this point, you do not want to buy any fish, just the aquarium, the filter, thermometer, a light installation heater, waterproof kit and a lamp. Some aquariums come in an “aquarium asking kit” which includes most if not all the things you need and a little bit more.

3 Go home and clean everything

Some of the items may require a bit of installation, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and if you need help, check the fish shop where the purchases are made. Once everything is assembled and cleaned, you are ready to begin setting up. Do not use soap or other chemicals to clean your new items, fish are very sensitive and cleaning products are difficult to remove.

4 Place your aquarium in a permanent place

How to set up a Saltwater Fish Tank for Keep your saltwater fish

When choosing a place for your saltwater fish tank, make sure it is not going to be inconvenient for you or your fish. Place near a water source, out of the way, and somewhere that is neither too hot nor too cold. A full saltwater fish tank is very difficult to move and a great movement can stress or even kill the fish.

5 Fill the aquarium and mix in the salt

How to set up a Saltwater Fish Tank for Keep your saltwater fish

Make sure you follow the instructions on the aquarium salt container and/or recommendations you have discovered for the particular type of fish you are going to keep.

6 Add decorations and accessories

Make sure all accessories are in good working order. A malfunctioning piece of equipment is useless and so could not be in your aquarium at all.

7 Run the aquarium as if there were no fish in it

Do your weekly maintenance and try the water often. This is known as the water cycle. A new aquarium needs to grow bacteria that will help the fish survive. I know it seems strange that fish need to live in an environment with bacteria instead of a sterile environment, but fish need bacteria and in maintaining fish mania, balance is the name of the game. You do not want an aquarium that is too dirty or too clean. Cycling can take from 6 to 7 days or more.

8 Buy the fish

How to set up a Saltwater Fish Tank for Keep your saltwater fish

Now you can go out and buy your fish. Make sure you do not buy too many fish, tanks have a population limit. Also, make sure that you do not just add the fish in the aquarium. They have to adapt to the water. The best way to do this is by floating the plastic bags you bought them in, float on top of your aquarium for 20 to 30 minutes.

9 Empty the fish in your aquarium

How to set up a Saltwater Fish Tank for Keep your saltwater fish

Try to get the least amount of water from the plastic bag in your aquarium as possible. The water in the bag may contain microscopic tools that you would not want in your tank. Now that the fish are in their new home, they depend on you to feed them, keep them clean and healthy. Research as much as possible, the more you know, the more likely your success will be.

Tips & Warnings

Some fish might be dangerous to you or to other fish in your aquarium, make sure you know everything you can learn about fish.



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