Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

Taking care of a Siamese fighting fish

Pets have been a part of every people’s lives ever since. It can be pets, cats, birds, or fish. It always depends on the preference of the caretaker on what kind of pet he wanted to take care of. One common species of fish that is very popular for those who loves having pets is the Siamese fighting fish. It is considered as a freshwater aquarium fish. Which means they can survive even through a plain water supply coming from the tank. They are one favorite family pet because they vary in lots of bright colors such as orange, yellow, turquoise, and green. They came from the native rice paddies of Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia, which are now being reproduced by fish breeders.

Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

The fighter fish is a carnivorous surface feeder which also eats some vegetables. Those fighter fish living in the wild are being fed with zooplankton and crustaceans such as flies, crickets, mosquitoes, and grasshoppers. Research shows that those fishes that have a wide variety of foods can be able to live longer, as well as having rich colors. It can also result in having a quick heal fin damage recovery.

Behavior of fighter fish

Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

The behavior of the Siamese fighting fish may appear to be impressive by flaring out their gill covers to intimidate their rivals or as a sign of courtship. Generally, male fishes are more aggressive than female ones. The would react aggressively even at their own reflection in the mirror. Because of that, they are being isolated to each other to avoid attacks with their co-fishes. They are also found to be a keen observer for humans for they love watching us doing our daily chores. Taking care of a fighter fish is necessary just like with other pets. Knowing how to properly feed them is also important to make sure that they are healthy and happy. The task is very simple yet it still needs a little bit of skill and knowledge.

Diseases issue

Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

Make sure that your Siamese fighting fish do have a clean water supply all the time. They are very prone and susceptible to fish diseases caused by waterborne bacteria that is why the water they live in should be clear and free from impurities.


Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

One thing you should take note when putting the fish food in the tank, make the fishes see the food while being dropped. Because fighter fish loves to eat at the top of the tank, those food that are found in the water column may be disregarded and ignored by them.

Siamese fighting fish is carnivorous so food pellets are not enough for their diet. You should include some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp perhaps 6 to 7 at a time.

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Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

During pre-spawning time, it is recommended to feed them with black worms, mosquito larvae, and fruit flies. This should also be done frequently than the usual.

Baby fighter fish should only be fed after 5 days of birth. Some of the recommended foods you can give them is a baby brine shrimp and boiled egg yolk.


Siamese fighting fish care-Taking Care of a Fighter Fish

Siamese fighting fish may seem to be a very lovely fish to grow. Taking care of them is not really that hard but it does need a lot of love and passion for helping them grow happily. By seeing them swim freely on their aquarium, we can adapt to their mind’s peacefulness which can also make us happy with our fish.



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