Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium

How to Keeping Discus Fish as a freshwater fish in your home aquarium Hello friends, I want to this post here put a guide to be able to have you’re Keeping Discus Fish. In a perfect condition. It has always been said that the discus fish is the king of the aquarium. It’s true. And the truth is that it is one of the fish that most adorns and beautiful results a good fish tank. Many…

"Keeping Discus Fish: How to care freshwater discus fish in your aquarium"

Aquarium Algae Problems – How can you fixing in your aquarium

How can fixing aquarium algae problems as your own I think most aquarium keepers go through some sort of algae problems at least once when keeping a fish tank.  There are some things that you can do to fix these algae blooms and you can even prevent them from happening in the first place. The first thing you should do is get aquarium test kits that will test your water for nitrates and phosphates.  Test…

"Aquarium Algae Problems – How can you fixing in your aquarium"

Aquarium Test Kits – How can use for your home aquarium

How can use aquarium test kits in your home aquarium? Aquarium test kits is a very important part of keeping fish in aquariums is testing the water periodically. There are many different types of aquarium test kits out there and it can be confusing in deciding which ones to get and what to test for in your fish tank.

"Aquarium Test Kits – How can use for your home aquarium"

Aquarium Water Change – How you can ?

How you can? Your Aquarium water change Question: What is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you will be successful keeping freshwater and saltwater fish in your aquarium? Answer: The partial water change of course.  Performing regular partial water changes has numerous benefits and well review them here. Why do Aquarium water changes?   The fish that we keep are living within an enclosed system and they continuously produe waste products as a…

"Aquarium Water Change – How you can ?"

Yellow Tang-My Experiences

Yellow Tang Sharing My Experiences Description The Zebrasoma flavescens, or more commonly known as the Yellow Tang has been a favorite fish of mine (one of many) since the beginning of my saltwater hobby. The bold yellow color along with the white scalpel like blade on the caudal peduncle (base of the tail) that can be used as a weapon for defending itself or its territory is one of the many great aspects of keeping…

"Yellow Tang-My Experiences"