Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide



Everybody get to know how can maintain a tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank properly. But somebody confused how to maintain properly as your own. So now I help you for easily maintain your fish tank proper way.

When starting with an aquarium, we must be clear that we are dealing with living beings, that although they are “our pets” we must respect, care and commit ourselves to try to give them the best possible conditions. It is for this reason that it is very important to get informed well before starting, to be clear about the needs of our fish, invertebrates, and plants, and above all to have a lot of patience since everything in life has its cycle. Recall that we will try to imitate a natural ecosystem (although this is a closed ecosystem) and in an ecosystem, there is a balance between the members of this system.

Let’s define our aquarium

To define our aquarium we must first consider whether we want a freshwater aquarium of cold water or a tropical freshwater aquarium. This starting point is very important to define since the requirements vary from one type of aquarium to another. Since you are in this section we are going to assume that you are going to use this type of aquarium and therefore we are going to talk about the tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank.

Fresh water tropical aquarium:

This type of aquarium is the most classic and in it the species we will place have temperature requirements between 24 and 28 ° C. Many people when it starts Carassius places with tropical fish, this being the first big mistake. Although the classics will live under these conditions is not ideal, as they will present short-term health problems.

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

The tropical freshwater aquarium allows us a lot of possibilities, since we can have a community aquarium (mix of different species of the world, provided they are compatible), aquarium plants (aquarium where the main element are natural plants, Where the most representative is the Dutch aquarium) or an aquarium imitating a sector of the world or also called Biotope (type of Amazon, Malawi type, etc.).

It is important to consider that each option has special requirements, so that, generally, people who start with a community aquarium, where the main thing is to have a clear mix of species, so before introducing new species it is important to know if Will be adequate with the ones we already have. Many of the initial problems of an aquarist are generated by the purchase of species in a compulsive way attracted by their shape or color, causing complications within our aquarium, either because of aggressiveness, non-compatibility, territoriality, etc., than in general Cause an imbalance in the system.

Frequent questions

We are going to rely on tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank, details are designed for this type of aquariums, so more specific data on cold freshwater aquariums, marine fish and reef are detailed in the other guides

What is the right size for an aquarium?

We may think that it is a simple question but there are several factors to consider. The right size making an aquarium will depend on the space we have to place the aquarium, the budget, etc …

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

The first thing to consider is the physical space that we have, the ideal is that our aquarium for a matter of comfort to work on it (maintenance, cleaning, and planting) does not measure more than 60 cm. Of depth. It is important to know that the higher we put our aquarium more expensive will be, as it requires more glass thickness to withstand the water pressure. As for the width would be advisable to be 35 cm. At a minimum, since, there is an effect when looking at the aquarium from the front where the back of our aquarium looks closer. Ideally, we recommend widths between 35 and 50 cm. The length will depend on our space and finally also on our budget.

What is the relationship between the volume of the aquarium and the filter for this aquarium?

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

When considering installing an aquarium the heart will be the filtration system so the greatest recommendation is not to economize at this point, the better filtration the better quality of water that we will offer our fish and never forget that Fish live in the water. It is always good to have at least one filtration system that in total can be able to filter the total water of the aquarium at least 3 to 5 times in 1 hour.

For example: Aquarium 100x50x40 = 200 lts. Choose a system capable of filtering between 600 and 1000 its hour.

What is the relationship between the volume of the aquarium and the heating system?

If our tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank is a quantity of liters other than the existing thermo-calefactory look for the next higher heater or replaces with a combination of 2 thermo-heaters. The latter option is also used in aquariums where you want to distribute the temperature in a more homogeneous way by placing a thermo-heater on each side of the aquarium, which prevents all heat from being generated in a single focus and it has to be distributed.

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

The latest trend in heaters is at the bottom that is placed in the bottom of the aquarium and favors the growth of plants by maintaining a warmer temperature in the substrate which causes a better development.

Following the example of a tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank of 100x50x40 = 200 its. We will have to choose a 200-watt thermo-heater.

What is the relationship between the volume of the aquarium and the lighting system?

If the aquarium is only for fish the lighting is only for these to be seen and highlight their colors, so you do not need more than some system of fluorescent tubes, compact bulbs or LEDs that allow minimally illuminate the aquarium so that the fish shine Their colors and differentiate the day at night.

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

In the case that in the aquarium they want to maintain plants it will be necessary that the system has adequate illumination as much in the amount of light (intensity) as the quality of light. So if you intend to have a well-planted aquarium it is advisable to read the lighting sections to complement.

When should I put the plants in my aquarium?

If you have decided to put natural plants in your tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank. The ideal is to put them from the same minute you install your aquarium, considering that they need good light (quality and intensity), fertilizer as a food for development and growth and at least 9 to 12 hours of Daily light so that they develop optimally.

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

It is important to note that not all fish are compatible with plants, so if you want to have beautiful plants we must avoid species that eat the plants or that dig them.

Once I have all the equipment ready and installed my aquarium, can I put fish that same day?

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

When placing fish in a new system, this has not yet been through the “cycling” stage, where colonies of beneficial bacteria are forming in charge of transforming nitrogenous products allowing them to be non-toxic to fish. If we put fish without having the proper colony of bacteria when feeding our fish, they will make scraps that generate ammonium and nitrites that can not be transformed, so they will be poisonous to the fish themselves. There are products that allow the installation of fish within a few days of installation neutralizing harmful products and encouraging the formation of beneficial bacteria.

What filter should I put in my aquarium?

Depending on the size of the tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank and the budget there are different options. Plate filters are effective but have the disadvantage of having to disassemble the aquarium to clean them. An internal filter with motor is a good and economical alternative. A backpack filter will also be a good option is a better option as aesthetic as there are no objects inside the aquarium but we will have a backpack hanging outside it, by far the best option is to opt for an external filter since it is of greater capacity of Filtering and allows to have different types of filtration in him.

How do I feed my fish?

The ideal is to feed a couple of times a day, giving portions that are quickly devoured by the fish, then perform one or two repetitions. It is important to take into account that if we have background fish they also need food and for them, the ideal is the use of bottom food tablets, as these are designed to meet the mainly vegetarian requirements of these fish. It is preferable to feed less than others, especially if we consider that fish have the ability to spend long periods without food. An aquarium can be without food added a few days without a problem (provided this does not happen very often). It is necessary to insist that the ideal is to give the dose of daily feeding in two doses, not to give twice the dose of feeding of the day.

How do I go on vacation?

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish tank total care guide

Today an aquarium can run for 2 to 3 weeks independently, so we must have an automatic feeder to feed our fish, a timer to control the power on and off of the light. As for the change of water, we make a change of water a couple of days before leaving and we will not have major inconveniences. For a few days, we also have the option of leaving some food tablets that will dissolve gradually for a couple of weeks.

Cleaning tasks

It is important to remove the ugly leaves or in poor conditions, to prune whenever necessary and finally to remove the algae from the glass.

Changing the lighting tubes:

Change every 6 – 9 months. Even its work, after this time the light degrades quickly and causes plants to worsen and appear undesirable algae. For more than one tube it is recommended to change one first and then others. Sudden change in the intensity of the illumination.


We hope these brief tips have been helpful in starting this beautiful aquarium world.



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